Due to COVID-19 all Yoga Studios in Germany have to close, but we want to keep practicing with you, because yoga gives us calmness and clarity which help us navigate tough and changing times, yoga also strengthens the immune system!

Therefore, over many overtime hours, we have worked out a plan to continue offering you Yoga courses – live and online!

We’ve invested in new equipment so that you can comfortably practice yoga with us from your home, or wherever you are!

How does it work?

We’ve decided to use the Zoom platform, which you can use either via Webbrowser or via App (Computer, Smartphone, Tablet).


  1. Sign yourself up as normal on our Eversports platform for your courses
  2. The link to the stream will appear 15 minutes before class start in your Eversports Bookings.
  3. You can choose if you want to broadcast your video (so that we can give individual feedback) or you can leave your camera disabled
  4. The registration is per participant, if you choose to practice in a small group together, we appreciate your honesty in signing-up each person who wishes to practice

If the schedule times do not fit you, you can rewatch classes later:

  1. Sign up for the course as above in Registration
  2. Send us an E-mail to info@redwoodyoga.de , letting us know that you would like to stream the course on your own schedule.
  3. You can either participate live OR stream the class for 3 days, unfortunately you cannot do both.

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