Be with yourself

We all have different strengths and weaknesses, and we also differ anatomically from each other. Therefore, follow the instructions for yourself, without looking at what the rest of the participants are doing. Additionally, our practice also depends on our daily condition. Just because you achieved a deep posture in the last session doesn’t mean it’s still the case today. Don’t force anything. Be mindful, as each asana (= posture) feels different from week to week, allowing you to learn more about yourself and gently expand your boundaries with balance.

Be mindful with your emotions

In class, you may be annoyed by noises, instructions from teachers, or even yourself. But often when something bothers us, it has to do with our state of mind or because the disturbance stirs something deep within us. This happens to all of us sometimes and is completely okay. Stay mindful, so you can slowly regain control over these so-called triggers.


Arriving a few minutes before the class begins gives you the opportunity to arrive relaxed and unwind, allowing you to get more out of a yoga class because your body and mind are more open when you’re not stressed. To allow this experience for all participants, we do not allow latecomers to join the class once it has started.


One of the important aspects of yoga is internal and external cleanliness. Please make sure that you don’t distract yourself or others with strong body odors or perfumes, and after the session, put back any props and clean borrowed mats.

Eating / Drinking

Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. Please avoid eating a large meal 2-3 hours before the yoga class and no small snacks about 30 minutes beforehand, including calorie-rich drinks. You can drink water during the class, but avoid getting a full water-belly!


Assists are meant to help you feel the alignment of the asanas more deeply. However, we all have days when we simply don’t want to be touched. Please honestly communicate that if you feel this way.

You are your best teacher

No one but you can better sense how your body or mind feels. Therefore, only follow instructions that feel good to you. A stretching discomfort is okay, but it should be tolerable and not sharp. You can modify asanas for yourself at any time.

Physical limitations

If you have injuries or other physical limitations, please let the teacher know before the class so that your needs can be addressed if you wish that.

Be kind

Last but not least: Remember that we are all humans with feelings, regardless of age, gender, or background. Therefore, treat everyone with the respect you would like to receive and don’t be shy about making new friends here at the studio 🙂