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I am new to Yoga, which classes can I visit?

We are offering a several week beginner course, which teaches the fundamentals and prepares you to take part in all open courses.
Next to the 6 week courses you can also visit all classes for “all level” or “level 1”. Best let the teacher know before class that you are new to yoga

Which level fits me?

We are posting the level for all our courses in the schedule.
All levels (AL): open for everyone
Level 1 (L1): we are practicing basic asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath work)
Level 2 (L2): we are practicing basic and advances asanas and pranayama


How can I register for class?

You can book all courses through our online booking system, it only takes a few minutes. Simply choose the class you would like to attend and pick the product which you would like to use . You can pay in advance via online transfer.

Can I reserve spots for several people through my eversports account?

Each participant needs his or her own account to book. In case you want to reserve a spot for a family member you can use the option to b book for a family member in the bookingwidget

My class pass is expiring, due to sickness/travel I could not use it up. What can I do?
The validity of our class passes take longer travels or sickness into consideration. Our 5 cards are valid for 6 months, our 10 cards for 12 months. However sometimes life gets in the way of our plans, we understand! That is why you can tranfer credits from an expired card to a new card as long as you book the new card at the latest two weeks after the old one expired. Send us an E-Mail to transfer your credits!

Do you offer discounts for students or people with low income?

Yes! We offer a 15% discount on all cards and memberships to students up to 35 years of age, as well as any Holders of the Bonn Card, or those who receive Unemployment/Asylum/Social Support.
To use the discount: please send us an e-mail at info@redwoodyoga.de with your proof and the product you’d like to purchase, so we can book the product and activate the discount for you.

How can I use a giftcard to pay?

You can book your class with your giftcard code. Go to the schedule to choose your desired class, then in the check out choose your product and select “Add giftcard”. Type your code into the window to proceed.
Alternatively you can do the same process in the price section by choosing the desired product

Can I reserve a spot with my Urban Sports or Qualitrain/Wellpass Membership?

All our bookings go through eversports – you have to pre-register to be able to book with USC or Qualitrain/Wellpass (unless there are a lot of spots left on the schedule then you can just drop by)

Registration with Urban Sports / Wellpass:

You can activate an eversports account for yourself by buying the product “USC/WELLPASS FREISCHALTUNG”, please make sure, that you choose the “Freischaltung” (activation product) of the external membership that you have. The activation is valid for one year and with it you can reserve the amount of classes valid with your external membership. When you arrive at the studio you still will have to scan the QR Code.
Should you reserve a spot and not show up or cancel late, we will charge you a Drop In (18€) for the reservation.


What do I need to bring to class?

You simply need loose clothing in which you can move freely. If you have your own mat, feel free to bring it to class. And maybe something warm to wear so you don’t get cold during relaxation

Where is the studio located?

The studio is located on the third floor (with elevator!) at Acherstraße 26-28 in the city center.

What do I need to know before my first visit??

  • Please arrive 5-10 Minutes before the class starts, so that we can start on time. Do no arrive more than 15 Minutes before class starts, so that earlier classes do not get disrupted by the bell.
  • Class starts on time, that means that we close doors right on the minute, if you arrive then or later we can unfortunately not admit you to class. This is the only way we can guarantee that everyone enjoys class and respect their time.
  • You need comfortable clothing for class in which you can move freely
  • Feel free to bring warm clothes too, so you don’t cool off too much during relaxation (we also have blankets at the studio)
  • If you have your own mat, feel free to bring it – we also have mats and props at the studio that you can use
  • We offer water and tea at the studio
  • When you arrive, let your teacher know that it is your first time at the studio, so he/she can show you around. Also let them know if it’s your first time doing yoga or if you have any injuries
  • Last but not least: enjoy your class and feel free to get in contact with other participants – we’ve seen great friendships develop at the studio that way and we’d love you to be part of it 🙂


How to practice online with Redwood?
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