Redwoods are gigantic coniferous trees, also known as Sequoias. They are unbelievably strong – Redwoods are naturally resistant to insect-plagues and can withstand fire. They proudly grow taller than any other tree on the planet, and also are among the oldest trees.

Therefore the Redwood Tree is a powerful symbol for longevity, wisdom, safety, and wellbeing.

These are also qualities that Yoga brings out in people. Yoga can teach us safety, wellbeing, and wisdom on the mat, which we take with us into our daily lives off the mat as well. In this way Yoga gives us the strength to deal with tough situations and the inner-peace to take on life as it comes with equanimity.

Studio Founder Annalena both saw her first Redwood and first tried Yoga in 2008 when she moved to San Francisco, California. It was love at first sight with the Redwood, and more like love at second sight with Yoga…

But with a regular practice, and by finding the right teacher for her, Annalena also fell in love with Yoga. She firmly believes that Yoga really is for everyone–as long as the person finds the right connection. That’s why there are so many different styles of Yoga and that’s why these styles also differ vastly from teacher to teacher.

By opening Redwood Yoga Studio, Annalena is creating a place of tranquility, acceptance, and repose, in which each and every Yogi, no matter age, gender, origin or background can find the peace and wellbeing they need to discover the wisdom they carry deep inside.

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