Reset, refresh, restart : new year ritual workshop

Another year just went by, and with that comes the new year! Are you also wondering how fast 2022 went by? It was a year full of emotions, highs and lows, as everything in life. When the new year comes, it is a great opportunity to look at the past year in retrospective, so you can best set your intentions for the new year, to give the new year meaning and purpose.


This workshop is a mix of yoga asanas, journaling and meditation – which will help you to:

  • Reset the past year to consciously let go of the old to make space for the new
  • Refresh your intentions to shape your experience in the new year
  • Restart as you allow yourself to let it be , setting your own rituals for the new year, so you can plant and water the seeds of your goals and dreams.

You will need your mat, a journal or paper for the workshop, as we will be going through some journaling exercises together!

No previous experience necessary.

December 28th at the studio in english