Sadhana means spiritual practice. This womens’ sadhana is designed especially for the spiritual growth of women. We will be exploring what it means to live as cyclical beings in a world largely unfit to support our temperament and experiencing practices to help guide us back home to our natural state as women; wild, free, creative, intuitive and loving.

The foundation of this practice is about reconnecting with our wombs which in itself can offer profoundly healing effects, not only in easing the potential discomfort of menstruation, childbirth and menopause, but also setting you on the path to experience these times as potently and powerfully spiritual.

Each months Sadhana will also have a different focus or theme, allowing us to dive deeper into different elements of the physiology and energetics of the entire female body and our experiences living within it.

A multidimensional practice, we will make use of Asana, pranayama and meditation along with mantra, mudra, chant and the deep rest of Yoga Nidra. You will each also be given the opportunity to speak and to be heard by the other women alongside you, if you would like to.

Sadhana also means a commited, daily spiritual practice so we will spend time discussing how to incorporate the practices into our daily lives.

Women in all stages of life are welcome to take part. No previous yoga experience is required at all.

All that’s needed is a keen curiousity to develop an embodied understanding and acceptance of your cyclical body as a key element toward reaching a state of yoga.

Make sure to bring warm clothes to wear during relaxation (a warm jumper and some thick socks) and you’re welcome to bring a notebook and pen if you wish to take down notes of any of the practices/mantras.

March 26th at the studio in english
Early Bird until February 26th